Large File Transfer

FTP - File Transfer Protocol:
If you need to send us large drawings which are beyond the email attachment limit, please contact us to get a FTP account for uploading the files to our server and then we will download them. By using this application, you can free of sending all the single attachments one by one.

We don't have anonymous account right the moment, so you need a account name and password to upload files. And then you can login on to our server and continue your transferring.

Sometimes our customers will also send us their own FTP server address, account name and password for downloading the drawings or files. So, if you already have one and have the drawings uploaded to your own FTP server. Just send us the account information. When we successfully downloaded the drawings, we will inform you the details.

FTP Software: There are many software you can get. Filezilla is an open source software.

If you need further information or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.
Our sales team will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding our company and our products & services.