After Sales Service

Order Tracking:
Usually we will inform you the tracking information of your order by email or phone. While you can still check the status by contacting us at anytime. Please provide the PO(Purchase Order) number or contract number to us for the processing. If you need text, photos or video clips of the order, please state it when contacting us.

Spare Parts:
1. Custom Spare Parts:
If you need a custom spare parts for your tooling, you can just come to us. Our wire EDM department can do a good job for you. And the price will be as competitive as the contract price. Drawings of the spare parts is necessary for the order processing. Or you can just inform us the part number if we already have that drawing stored in our database. For urgent order, please mark it on the drawing or just inform us the required lead time.
2. Standard Spare Parts:
Usually you can easily buy the standard spare parts in your local market. If it's not available, just come to us. We will be glad to help you. Either the custom spare parts or the standard one, please also inform us your desired shipping method. If you want to ship it by your own courier account, you may need to send us the account number.

We are sorry for the trouble and inconvenience you have encountered. For this issue, you can directly contact your Sales Rep. by phone, fax or email. We suggest your provide us the detailed information for your compliant. Such as, text description, photos or videos clips if you have. You can always get our prompt attention on this issue. And we will try our best to assist you to figure out the problems.

If you need further information or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.
Our sales team will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding our company and our products & services.