Quality Assurance

To make sure no non-qualified materials accepted, no defective products manufacturer and no defective products delivered, we made this control flow chart. As part of our continual improvement plan, the following flow chart shows the main control processes from incoming material to final sample inspection.

Quality control flow chart
Quality Control Flow Chart

Incoming Material from supplier, IQC(Inspection of Incoming Materials), Material Acceptance, Material Requisition, Arrange Production(Tooling machining, wire EDM, Grinding, drilling, stamping,etc.), FAI Report(First Article Inspection), Mass Production(Volume stamping), Self Inspection, IPQC(Routing Inspection), Packaging(Standard or Custom packaging), FQA(Final Sample Inspection): Abnormal Handling(Data analysis, Solutions, Continual Improvement) .

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From incoming material control to production and final inspection and packing,before sending to you, all the parts will go through strict quality control.